V International Film Festival of Science and Technology

Moscow 21-29 October 2015


The International Contemporary Science Film Festival 360° is one of the key educational projects of Polytechnic Museum. Over the years, it established itself as a major event in the field of documentary films.

The main objective of the Festival is to introduce the public to urgent and compelling documentary films about science, technology and new ideas about the world and society. The mission of the Festival is to interest people in science and reach the broadest possible audience by promoting films and discussions, lectures, literature and art.

In 2015, the Festival renews its concept. For the first time it covers not only science but also technology: from drones and robots to the Internet and gadgets. An important addition to the program is keynote speakers — visionaries of science and technology. They will talk about their current works and the future of humanity. The Festival will also host popular science debates, which are supposed to broaden and deepen the understanding of issues raised in the films.

Awards: the Great Award, Jury Award, Audience Award and Media Jury Award.

There are more than 25 documentaries in the program of the Festival.

Competition Program: Films that will be premiered in Russia and judged by the Jury consisting of experts in the field of cinema and science.

EUNIC — «Forgotten Future»: The program prepared in cooperation with the European Union National Institutes for Culture. The program dedicated to the future of our world.

OLD AGE JOY: How new technologies can brighten up lives of elderly people in the XXI century.

«Around the Cosmos»: Three films which tell about the horizons that are opening up for humans due to their craving for knowledge.

Special screenings: A category of specially selected films — the restored copies of old films, screenings for children, films presented by festival guests.

Special attention will be paid to the format of public talks.

Keynote speakers — public talks withs science and technology visionaries

Discussion program covers socially relevant issues, specific aspects of science and technology, and current problems discussed by Russian and international experts.

Q&A panels — short meetings with invited film directors after the screenings.

By updating the concept, we were hoping to reach a completely new level. We are invigorated by international festivals that unite different areas of knowledge. The Festival 360° has to become a territory of inspiration, where anyone can come into contact with new ideas about the world and the future, science and technologies. Not only through films but also through direct communication with science and technology people.